Frequently Asked Questions
How do I increase my Social Presence?

Its easy, simply add the address of the page you want to increase under the appropriate exchange. As long as you have credits in your account and a CPC higher than "0", users will exchange with your page just like you are doing with other users. The higher you set the CPC (credits per click), the faster you will see results.

Are these real people liking/following my pages?

All exchanges you receive on Lets Swap Now are 100% real people, sitting at their computer just like you are doing when you are earning credits. We have multiple systems in place to take care of any bots that try to use our website.

Will my Social Accounts get banned for using Lets Swap Now?

Absolutely not! Lets Swap Now follows all terms and guidelines set forth by the social networks and adhere's to them very strictly.

Are there any pages or content I can not promote on Lets Swap Now?

You are not permitted to add any pages that you are not the owner of to Lets Swap Now

You are not permitted to add any pages that contain any form of nudity or adult content to Lets Swap Now

You are not permitted to add any social exchanges to Lets Swap Now, duh!

My account was banned, what can I do?

Not much. Lets Swap Now has a strict zero tolerance policy. Please read our Terms of Service to see what may have went wrong. If you truly believe there was an error, contact us and we will investigate your account.

I have affiliate signups but did not earn the signup bonus credits?

The "Affiliate Signup Bonus" is not immediately given when a new affiliate signs up. The affiliate must spend some time on Lets Swap Now and perform some activity to become an "Active Affiliate" at which time you will receive your signup bonus credits. Cash commissions and Credits earned from all affiliate interactions, is active immediately after signup.

A site I added was banned and I dont know why?

You can start off by reading our "Terms of Service" to see if you may have added a site or page we do not allow. It could also be due to the site/page simply was not working for most users. If you are still unsure why your site was banned, please contact support to inquire.

What does reporting a site/page do?

You should only report a site/page after you receive an error 2 times or more.. This will remove the site from your view just like the "Skip button" however also notify of us of the potential issue. Every site that is reported will be flagged for review by our staff and removed or renabled based on our review. Please do not spam the report button, of all buttons on the site, we take this button the most serious and will ban abusers of the reporting system.

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